Ben’s Daily MLB DraftKings Plays – 8/29/23

Ben's MLB Daily DraftKings Plays


What’s up, 4Deep!? We have another 12-game slate on our hands that includes the Braves in Coors, which is without a doubt the chalk and good chalk at that.  If making only one team, I like fading to get leverage on the field, but if you’re making multiple, I would 100% include a Braves stack so you aren’t drawing dead if they go bonkers. LET’S FUCK!!


  1. Corbin Burnes DK $10,600 – This is a GPP-winning play tonight, but the problem is you can’t make him fit in your Braves stacks… If you can, then do it. Burnes is coming off an awful start where he was the chalk and this matchup with the Cubs isn’t the best.  But none of that matters. The Brewers need to win this game and Burnes always steps up against good competition.  I think he puts up 30+ DK points tonight.
  2. George Kirby DK $9,700 – Now we are getting to the chalkier spend-up option.  Everyone knows Kirby is a stud and he’s going up against the A’s.  He’s easier to fit in with the Braves, but you still have to roster some min salary bats as one-offs.
  3. Gavin Williams DK $8,600 – We’ve been big on Williams over here at 4deep all season and now he gets an amazing matchup.  The Twins are coming off a monster game, so I’m hoping people shy away here, but he’s 100% in play for me and will likely be my SP1 on my Braves stack.
  4. Dean Kremer DK $7,700 – Dean the Kream has had about as up and down of a season as you could have, lol.  He’s either getting you 20+ or -3.  This White Sox lineup is one I will continue to target and his price helps fit the Braves in your lineup.
  5. Alex Cobb DK $6,800 – As much as I want the Reds to be good, this lineup is still extremely young and has some serious holes in it.  Cobb is a veteran pitcher who has more than enough upside to pay off this $6,800 price tag. He did get knocked around in his first start against them, but that was in Great American Small Park and whole different environment.


  1. Braves – 1-9 all in play. I faded Acuna last night, so doubling down again here.  If you played him, I would ride the wave, but at this price, I’m fine taking the stand again.  Olson, Riley, Murphy, Ozuna, and Harris are my favorites.
  2. Mariners – This Mariners team is on some sort of heater right now and it’s not going to stop anytime soon.  Julio is the hottest hitter in the league and this lineup is built to crush lefties. JULIO, Suarez, Crawford, and Hernandez are the core for my stack and you can include any of the value guys as your last piece on DK.
  3. Blue Jays – I think this stack comes in low-owned with all the other big offenses out there, but Gore gives up a ton of HRs to lefties and this lineup is getting it done right now. 1-6 all in play with Vlad, Jansen, and Schneider being my favorites.
  4. Rangers – You’re going to need all the firepower you can get for this big slate and that’s exactly what the Rangers bring us. This team crushes lefties and I suspect low ownership here. Semien, Seager, Garcia, Heim, and Grossman/Tavares all in play.
  5. Rockies – Healy pointed out a tale as old as time in his article last night. HUGE leverage over the field stacking the Rockies at literally under 5%. Morton is no doubt a stud, but the thin air in Coors and his command could be a big problem here.  Blackmon, Tovar, McMahon, Jones, and Diaz are by far the best options.  Goodman is all the way up to $3K now, so i’ll pass on him.


The player highlighted in BOLD GREEN is my top play at each position. (Braves are the top plays at every position, so the players in BOLD will be my 2nd fav)

  • C: Murphy, Contreras, Heim, Jansen
  • 1B: Olson, Vlad, Mountcastle, France
  • 2B: Semien, Albies, Schneider, Caballero
  • 3B: Riley, Devers, Suarez, Flores
  • SS: Seager, Gunnar, Arcia, JP Crawford
  • OF$$$: Acuna, Julio, Alvarez, Garcia
  • OF$$: Hernandez, Jones, Merrifield, O’Neill
  • OF$: Moore, Slater, Grossman, Walker


  • Double Dong: Jansen
  • 4-Hit Game: Julio
  • Favorite 1-Off Player Stud: Devers
  • Favorite 1-Off Player Value: Slater
  • Slate Edge: Jansen
  • Top Pitcher: Burnes

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