How to Become a 4Deep Affiliate

How to Get Your Affiliate Link

4Deep is now offering a CASH rewards program to all of our customers! Are you ready to start making money without spending money?

To get started, head over to the 4Deep products page and if you have not purchased a product on Whop yet, you can CLAIM THIS FREE PRODUCT to create an active 4Deep Whop account. If you already have an active subscription on Whop, this step is not needed.

Next, click here to leave a 5-star review. The higher our ranking on Whop, the more exposure you will have to other users searching for the best sports picks. Once you have an active account, you can go to your referral links page by clicking here (Referral Page) or on the red button below.

Your last step will be to copy your link by clicking the orange button as shown in the screenshots below.  There’s a global link good for all products, the one at the very bottom is the link to copy and share. The “Specific pricing options” section lists all the products currently available with rewards attached.

Now once someone purchases a 4Deep subscription with an affiliate reward, you will automatically receive 10% of the value of the first order CASH BACK! No coupons or website points, but cold, hard cash that you can withdraw from Whop.