Zab’s Champions League Daily Fantasy Plays – 9/19/23

Zab's Champions League DFS
⚽ UCL Slate – 9/19/23

Opening Round of Champions League soccer. For DFS, Champions League is more volatile than the European Premier League. You’re getting all the top tier teams in a tournament and there will be lots of goals. We will need goals in Champions League to do damage in cash and GPP contests. For FanDuel, I’ll be paying down at defense, and targeting defenders who are big underdogs who will be on the defensive most of the match getting clearances. On DraftKings, I’ll be looking towards outside defensemen who will be moving up into play and firing crosses in.

UPDATES: 12:30 — Champions League is all about goals. I’ll be paying up at Fwd/Mid and paying down at defender. Goalies ill be targeting low scoring games. Atl/Laz , Por/Shk , and Fey’s goalie. 
With this slate, MCI will be the chalk of the slate. With there high team total, and being massive favorites, you are going to need MCI in your lineups cash and gpp. In gpps you can fade Haaland and look towards Mbappe or Lewa. 
I’ll be looking at Feyenoord also as complimentary pieces, especially in Gpps. Stengs (Fey) is someone i’ve moved more towards as a one of forward with great scoring odds.
The 4 teams ill be targeting the most in my lineups in order. MCI, Bar, Fey, PSG 

Scoring Notes:

  • If you are playing on FanDuel, you’re searching for the goals. Goals count for 15 points, and shots are worth one point. Shots on goal are worth five, while assists are seven.
  • For defenders, I like looking at cheap center mids who will be on the defensive. I target these players because they will rack up tackles and clearances. Occasionally will pop up with a cheap goal, also.
  • If you are playing on DraftKings, goals are worth 10 points, shots are one, and shots on goal are one. Assists are worth six points.
  • Playing on DK you want to look for set piece-takers and players that will be crossing the ball. Defenders won’t get as many points for tackles and clearances, so I’m targeting defenders who play on the outside who will move up and cross the ball in.


Shaktar +320 vs. Porto -125   Over/Under set at 2.5

  • Porto – Over 1.5 goals -140; Under 2.5 goals -320
  • Shaktar – 0.5 goal -225; Under 1.5 goals -250
Main Targets:
  • M. Taremi (F) (Por) – Averaging three shots a game. Goal scorer for Porto. +130 for anytime goal and -450 for at least one shot on goal. +110. 
  • Eustaquio (M) (Por) – Gets involved in every aspect of the game: shots, chances created, and defensive stats. 
  • T. Martinez (F) (Por) – Another goal scorer for Porto who has scored two goals for Porto in their last five games. Cheaper GPP option.
  • Marcano (D) (Por) – Cheap defender on DK at $3k. On FD, he’s $11. Moves up into the attacking zone during open play and also on corner kicks. Two goals in his last five games. 
  • Wendell (D) (Por) – More expensive defender option for Porto who has more open play value. Will slide up and cross balls into the box and get involved on corner kicks. 
  • Bondar (D) (SHK) – Great option on FD at $8 who will be clearing the ball. He will be in consideration for core if he gets the start.
  • Kashchuk (M) (SHK) – Cheap midfield option who has been on a scoring tear as of late for Shk. With a team total of one goal, i’m not sure I’ll be on him. GPP play.
  • Shved (F) (SHK) – Always a threat, just not sure I’ll have much SHK in my lineup.
  • Subkov (F) (SHK) – Another cheaper option for SHK just not sure I’ll have much in my lineup.

Paris St-German -140 vs. Dortmund +340   Over/Under set at 3.5

  • PSG – Over 1.5 goals -165; Under 2.5 goals -245
  • BVB – Over 0.5 goal -255; Under 1.5 goals -250
Main Targets:
  • Mbappe (F) (PSG) – He’s worth the money. Main goal scorer for PSG and one of the best in the world. 
  • G. Ramos (F) (PSG) – Always a threat for a goal.  Has been firing shots since returning from his injury.
  • O. Dembele (F) (PSG) – Phenomenal ball handler who records stats in every category. 
  • M. Reus (F) (DOR) – In phenomenal form for Dor right now.
  • J. Brandt (F) (Dor) – Takes sets and corners for Dor. Has recorded two assists and one goal in his last three games.
  • N. Sule (D) (Dor) – Cheap defender on FanDuel who should be racking up the defensive statistics against a great offense of PSG.

Man City -2000 vs. Red Star +3000   Over/Under set at 4.5

  • MCI – Over 2.5 goals -310; Over 3.5 goals -115; Under 3.5 goals -115
  • CRV – Over 0.5 goal +135; Under 0.5 goal -175
Main Targets:
  • E. Haaland (F) (MCI) – Team total of four goals and one of the best goal scorers in the world. Sign me up.
  • J. Alvarez (F) (MCI) – Great set up man, and goal scorer. I’m going to want pieces of this offense.
  • P. Foden (M/F) (MCI) –  Takes sets, had an assist on Saturday. Always a threat for a goal.
  • Doku (F) (MCI) – In great form following his match on Saturday, where he scored a goal, had three shots, and four crosses. In a high total I’m interested, especially on FanDuel, where he is too cheap. 
  • Spajic (D) (CRV) – Cheap defender on FD. Should rack up a lot of defensive statistics.
  • Not targeting much from CRV, I think they get destroyed in this game. Load up on MCI.

Feyenoord -165 vs Celtic +425   Over/Under set at 2.5

  • FEY – Over 1.5 goals -175; Under 2.5 goals -250
  • Cel – Over 0.5 goal -210; Under 1.5 goals -330
Main Targets:
  • Ivanusec (M) (FEY) – Attacking midfielder who has been scoring as of late. Too cheap on DK at $4400. Fey has scored 11 goals in  their last two games. 
  • Paixao (F) (FEY) – Expensive goal scoring option for Fey that should be very low owned. GPP.
  • G. Taylor (D) (Cel) – Cheap defender on FanDuel that will rack up stats.

Lazio +195 vs. Athletico Madrid +150

  • Lazio – Over 0.5 goal -330; Under 1.5 goals -215
  • Athletico – Over 0.5 goal -400; Under 1.5 goals -175
Main Targets:
  • Immobile (F) (Laz) – Goal scorer for Lazio that has been in form and always a threat for a goal. GPP.
  • Alberto (M/F) (Laz) – Two goals in last two games. In form, takes sets, and sends crosses into the box. Better price on FD.
  • Griezman (F) (Atl) – Deadly striker who is always a threat for a goal and will fire a ton of shots. 
  • Morata (F) (ATL) – Cheaper option for Athletico who has been in the lineup lately after the injury to teammate Memphis Depay. 
  • Molina (D) (Atl) – Defensive option for Athletico who moves up and contributes to the offense with crosses into the box. Not sure if I make it to his price tag on DK, but an option on FanDuel.

Barcelona -500 vs. Antwerp +1200   Over/Under set at 3.5

  • Bar – Over 2.5 goals -140; Under 3.5 goals -240
  • Awp – Over 0.5 goals -120; Under 0.5 goals -110; Under 1.5 goals -700
Main Targets:
  • R. Lewandowski (F) (Bar) – Second highest team total on the board. One of the top strikers in the world. I’m in.
  • F. Torres (M/F) (Bar) – One of the top goal scoring options for Barcelona. With a high total, he will be in consideration.
  • Raphinha (M/F) (Bar) – Has returned to the lineup after a two-game ban. He made an immediate impact with a goal and four shots.
  • J. Felix (M/F) (Bar) – Scores, fires shots, sends in crosses. One of the most clinical attack pairings with Lewa. 
  • J. Cancelo (D) (Bar) – Phenomenal defender who will slide into attacking positions and fire crosses and shots. 
  • J. Bataille (D) (Ant) – Cheap defender on both sites who will get forward and attack and also contribute on defensive stats.


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