TX’s 8/21/23 MLB Breakdown

TX's MLB DFS Breakdown

What’s up, 4 DEEP?! We have eight games on the FanDuel Main Slate today. Let’s get into it!

TX’s Elite Pitching:

  • Luis Castillo FD: $10.7k – Road favorite taking on the White Sox tonight. The one concern here is the home/road splits for Castillo. He tends to struggle on the road.
  • Cristian Javier FD: $9.4k – I prefer Javier at home where he scores 37% more fantasy points.

TX’s Mid-Tier Pitching 

  • Paul Blackburn FD: $7.8k – Home favorite in a pitcher’s park taking on the Royals. The one concern here is the Royals have been hot.

TX’s Door #3 Pitcher:

  • Allan Winans FD: $6.5k – It’s definitely chasing his last performance, but at this price tag, why not?


  • Braves
  • Astros
  • Mariners

In order of preference.

  • C: Murphy, Raleigh, Moreno, Perez, Garver
  • 1B: Olson, Alonso, Walker, Turner, Moustakas
  • 2B: Semien, Altuve, Arraez, Drury, Reyes
  • 3B: Riley, Devers, Arenado, Burger Suarez
  • SS: Seager, Moore, Edman, Witt, De La Cruz/McLain
  • OF: Rodriguez, Acuna, Robert, Alvarez, Tatis, Carroll, Garcia, McCormick, Reynolds, Soto

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