TX’s 8/12/23 MLB Main Slate Breakdown

TX's MLB DFS Breakdown

What’s up, 4 DEEP?! We have nine games on the Main Slate today. Let’s get into it!

TX’s Elite Pitching:

  • Brandon Woodruff – The price is ugly, but he’s a heavy favorite taking on the White Sox today. The White Sox have a 23% K-rate, .307 wOBA, and a .141 ISO to righties.
  • Zac Gallen – Another pitcher with a heavy price tag, but what sticks out is his home/road splits. He scores 43% more fantasy points at home. It’s not an ideal match-up against the Padres, but Gallen has been getting it done at home.

TX’s Mid-Tier Pitching:

  • Steven Matz – He’s been consistent enough to consider lately, taking on the Royals today. Still a little pricey, though.
  • Brandon Williamson – Feels like we are chasing a bit of his last performance, but he has a soft match-up against the Pirates. The Pirates have a 30% K-rate, .272 wOBA, and a .201 ISO to lefties.

TX’s Door #3 Pitcher:

  • Jesse Scholtens – Cheap and coming off back to back 30+ fantasy point games. Allows us to play whatever bats we want.
  • Cole Ragans – Another cheap pitcher, but is coming off back-to-back 50+ fantasy point games. In a tougher match-up against the Cards, but worth the risk.


  • Dodgers
  • Astros
  • Reds


C 1st Base 2nd Base Shortstop 3rd Base OF
Fermin Freeman Betts Seager Arenado Hernandez
Contreras Goldy Altuve Adames Gelof Alvarez/Tucker
Perez Votto Marte Witt Machado Outman
Smith Flores Flores Pena Hayes McNeil
Bailey Singleton Semien Edman Taylor Tatis
Contreras (MIL) Meneses McLain Henderson De La Cruz McCormick

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