Stay Cashin’ is the flagship show at 4Deep. Stay Cashin’ is hosted by company president Tommy G, and features a rotating group of 4deep content experts and special guests from around the sports and entertainment landscape.

 The show is filmed live from the studio at 4deep’s headquarters and streamed on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. 

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Tommy leads informative and entertaining daily discussions about the day’s top sporting events. This primary focus includes the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL and other professional sports. The 4deep guys give you relevant information for your fantasy teams, deep insight to help you build your Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) lineups, and some of their favorite bets of the day. This show is not for the faint of heart. If you are easily offended, hate having fun, or prefer to get your information from people who are not putting their own money on the line, then this is not the show for you. If you prefer to be a well-informed and entertained fellow degenerate, click the video below.









What is Stay Cashin?

Stay Cashin is a show about sports. Stay Cashin’ is hosted by industry insider and media personality Tommy G of Tommy brings on a rotating cast of experts and special guests to talk about news that is relevant to fantasy football, sports betting, and DFS.

When does Stay Cashin go live?

Stay Cashin is live on air at 2 PM during the week. The show is typically live every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday during the year, and moves to Mondays during football season. The days may change with various seasons, so make sure you check out the webpage to get the updated schedule. You can always find the most recent episode on the top of our website at and on the Stay Cashin YouTube page.

What sports do they discuss on Stay Cashin?

On Stay Cashin, the main focus is actionable advice for in-season sports. The main focus is on NFL and college football, Major League Baseball, and basketball action from the NCAA and NBA. They also will dive into NHL hockey, MMA from the UFC, and other relevant trending sports topics to discuss fantasy and sports betting strategies for each major event.

Is Stay Cashin with Tommy G a free show?

Stay Cashin is free to view on the 4deep website and the youtube page. If you want all of the top plays from Tommy G and his team, you can sign up for the premium packages on The website offers packages for weekly, monthly, and our current promotional sign-ups. They offer a package for betting enthusiasts with access to various odds feeds and betting tools and our experts’ top picks of the day in multiple sports. The 4deep website also offers a package for those looking to dive deeper into fantasy and daily fantasy sports contests on sites like FanDuel and DraftKings. If you are looking for tools to use in both sports wagering and fantasy contests, they do offer a discount for those looking to purchase both packages as well.