Price’s 2023 Ryder Cup DraftKings Plays

Price's 2023 Ryder Cup DFS Breakdown

Price’s 2023 Ryder Cup DFS Breakdown:

This week brings us another edition of The Ryder Cup, where teams of twelve battle it out in a three day event like none other in golf. It is team America vs. team Europe, with them alternating playing best ball and alternate shot Friday and Saturday (eight guys each round with two taking place each day). Then, on Sunday, everyone plays a head to head match play. If you win, it’s a point, if you tie, it’s half a point, and the team with the most overall points wins.

For DFS purposes you want someone who will at least play four matches, and hopefully play all five. There is a lot of unknown on the European side with a bunch of rookies who are very talented. DK priced the Americans fairly cheap, which means they’ll be extremely popular. You will have to take stances on who to fade and play like normal, but with this being a limited field, you have to really try to pick guys who do well in this format and have potential to get you the points and bonuses. You get the same points no matter which teammate you have for team events, so you will see the cheaper option typically being higher owned. It’s captain format like NFL showdown, so it’ll make for interesting builds. All prices listed are for DraftKings.

8K+ Range:

  • I will be siding with Rahm over Scottie and Rory for the most expensive player. I think Rahm plays all five matches, and same with Scottie, but I want the discount to fit other guys. Rory may sit Saturday afternoon, which would mean he doesn’t pay off, so I am gambling on Rahm being the elite Euro who plays all five matches.
  • Cantlay is the best leverage play because everyone will just drop down to Xander since they’ll partner up each day. If you don’t need the money, I would recommend this play for large field GPPs, but Xander is overall my favorite American this week at his price point.
  • Hovland is my favorite play overall for the Euro side and I think he will play a minimum four matches and possibly get a fifth one if he is rolling and they need the points.
  • I am not playing Brooks or Morikawa, and I think Fleetwood is a solid play if you want someone who will play 3-4 and keep it close during his matches.

The Best of the Rest:

  • Spieth and JT will be very popular cheap plays as they’ve historically done well at this event. I think they’re a lock for three matches, and if they get four, they have a good chance to pay off. In single entry or cash games, that could kill your lineup if you fade them and they smash.
  • Aberg is my favorite cheap Euro, I think he gets paired with Hovland and then they smash anyone they play. Fitz would be next, as he’s been in solid form lately and I don’t particularly care for Rose. Hatton is on the cusp of being there for me because he very well could be paired with Rahm.
  • If you want to MME, you grab a piece of the remaining guys, but Lowry is the only possible one I see getting three or more matches in. Obviously if you need salary savings you have to go here, but Burns would be it for the American side as he would be paired with Scheffler since they’re best friends and play together.

Core 3 for the Week: Xander, Aberg, Spieth

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