Dmar’s Daily CFB DraftKings Plays – 8/31/23

DMar's DraftKings CFB Daily Fantasy Plays

Dmar’s CFB Daily Fantasy Intro:

What’s up, 4Deep! Week 1 is finally here and we get it kicked off with a loaded 11-game Thursday slate. DraftKings got a little wild adding these FCS schools in the mix, but I’m never going to complain when it comes to more football. FanDuel has a much more manageable four-game slate, so I will designate any FD specific plays. Like always, I will be in Discord to help assist anyone with their team. Good luck, everyone!

Adding Cam Skattebo to the player pool. This ASU team will score a lot of points and he should be in the mix early on. Should also garner some good ownership.


Top Tier
  • John Rhys Plumlee – Man, this guy has been around forever, starting his career in 2019 at Ole Miss, he has been a name I have clicked on plenty of times throughout the years. When he is on, he is an elite fantasy option, and in a game like this, he should thrive. His rushing ability is top-notch and he has the weapons to put up a huge game in the air. Elite play even at this price, but I want to note they did some funky things at QB last season and I was burnt a few times playing him, so because of that, I refuse to allow myself to go all in.
  • Brennan Armstrong – Another guy we have played numerous times in the past, only this time he will be in a NCST jersey rather than the former Virginia blue. Armstrong was an elite fantasy option in 2021 and then last season it was downright awful, to the point it was hard to watch. But, we’re hopeful that given a fresh start and a reunion with his former OC, that he recaptures that 2021 form and becomes a fantasy star again.
  • Braylon Braxton – Braxton is going to be a fantasy star this season. He absolutely flashed in limited action last season and now he has the position all to himself. A bigger QB who can run and sling it all over the field. I think he would be a good pivot off one of the other high-priced guys, as all three are in blowout risk potential.
  • Jaden Rashada – If you want to get real wild, then this is your play. Rashada was the Sun Devils’ top rated recruit this offseason and one of the nation’s best, so the hype is for sure there for the freshman. His price is outrageous for someone we haven’t seen yet at the college level, but this will be the easiest matchup he gets all season. So maybe they let him loose and build confidence. He has good weapons to throw to, so if you do play him, I would go at least one of his wide outs and you could have the ultimate late night hammer.
Mid Tier
  • Darren Grainger – A lot to love with this play. We get a true dual threat QB in a game that GAST should have no problem scoring. GAST loves to run the ball, but unlike most run-heavy teams, they play with tempo, so the opportunities will be there.
  • Graham Mertz – I want to start this one off with a warning, this is purely a GPP play and more so a FD play, as we have less options. But I can see a path for a low-owned Mertz to hit a few chunk plays and be a tournament winner. Everyone knows Florida’s strength is in the running game, so I would suspect Utah is fully prepared to go all out in stopping the run, allowing opportunities for Mertz to show off his arm talent. He was highly touted going into Wisconsin and it just never materialized, so maybe a new start with some new weapons will jump start his career and he starts his Florida campaign off with a bang.
  • Jeff Sims – A similar story to some of the QBs already mentioned. Sims is looking for a fresh start at Nebraska and I think this is a team and coach he will find success in. A guy who can beat you with his legs, which is exactly the type we like to target. Don’t love this matchup, but he could be one of the few QBs on this slate who gets a full four quarters of run.
Value Tier
  • Just not much to like here. We have some FCS options cheap, but there is too much value at other positions to roll the dice at QB.

Running Backs:

Top Tier
  • Keshawn King – One thing about WMU is they love to run the ball, and that should start with the VT transfer. Everything points to him being the guy this season, and even though he is the highest priced back on the slate, he still looks good at this price.
  • Sean Tyler – We get the WMU transfer stepping into the lead role of a team who, to a fault at times, loves to pound the rock. He is very different than big Mo from last season, but he should still see 20 plus carries and offers explosiveness that Minnesota hasn’t had at RB in awhile.
  • Cody Schrader – Could see himself in more of a split than the first two guys, but is still the top back heading into the season. Soft matchup here and potential for couple early scores.
Mid Tier
  • Justice Ellison – Highly doubt he gets a full run in this one, but he is undoubtedly the lead back in this offense, so you’re banking on him getting his early in this one. But, at this price, I’m willing to roll the dice.
  • Jermaine Brown Jr – One of the best matchups on the board and while he has the dreaded “Or” listed on the depth chart, he should be the first one to trot out there and is talented enough to get his in a hurry.    
  • Ja’quinden Jackson – Utah will be without their starting QB in this one, so i would suspect they lean on the running game even more. We should get a full game run for Jackson and at this price, his volume could provide a safe floor and upside for more. 
  • Montrell Johnson Jr/Trevor Etienne – On the other side of this game, we get a two-headed attack for a Florida team who wants to establish the run. You get a thunder and lightning approach with these two with Johnson being the bigger back and Etienne having more big play ability. I like both guys here, but lean Etienne for the price and his upside.
  • RJ Harvey – My guy from last season is back and will be the top guy this season. A combination of size and speed, he is almost a lock for a TD in this one with upside for more. Price is too cheap on DK.
Value Tier
  • Marcus Carroll – Lead back for a team who will have tons of success running the ball. Sign me up, too cheap for this spot.
  • Johnny Richardson – A threat to take it to the house any time he touches it. UCF should score a lot in this one and one long TD run could pay off this tag.
  • Jalen Hampton – Not an ideal matchup, but was productive last season and is their workhorse back. Good price for his role, but will be tough sledding in a game they will be over matched.
  • Wesley Graves – Similar to Hampton, he is a lead back with what should be a workhorse role. Just not an ideal spot.
  • Isaiah Jacobs – Little bro of the NFL leading rusher. He is listed as “Or” on the RB1 spot for UAB. Like this price, and if somehow he does get the start, he could pay off this tag and then some.

Wide Receivers:

High Tier
  • Javon Baker – This WR room is loaded for a program like UCF, but i think Baker is the top dawg in this group. He had a good connection with JRP last season and he is my preferred pairing with him. Like his price on FD better than DK.
Mid Tier
  • Luther Burden – Mizzou managed to land this big fish on the recruiting trail in the last cycle, but failed to utilize him last season. There must have been some promises made or a big chunk of NIL money to get him to remain with the Tigers. Look for them to get him involved early and often and he should be in line for a big year.
  • Jahmal Banks – I am high on Banks this season and this is the perfect opportunity to get him going early. Talent is there to have a monster game, but needs to get it early as this game should get out of hand. Taylor Morin is the slot in this offense and has popped for a few big games in his career. If he scored two TDs in this game, it wouldn’t shock me.
  • Keyon Lesane – NC State WRs has been a headache to predict and with no clear top guy, it could be much of the same. But he is their top returner stat wise.
  • Ricky Pearsall – Would only play if you’re taking the Mertz stab. Very reliable and had some big games last season with an up and down Anthony Richardson.
  • Billy Kemp – Slot guy who could rack up some points on DK. Doesn’t scream upside, but if you want to pair someone up with Sims, he would be the guy. Isaiah Garcia-Castaneda is another guy you could roll the dice on while playing Sims.
  • Xavier Guillory – With no Badger for the first half, he should get a few more looks. Big play guy could score a few early and would make for a sneaky double stack with Rashada and Conyers, who I will talk about later. 
Value Tier
  • Kevin “KC” Concepcion – So I will admit I’m probably a little too high on him, but at min price on both sites, I’m willing to roll the dice. The true freshman is an early enrollee and has supposedly impressed since he got there. So much so that he is listed as a stand alone starter. Like I mentioned earlier, the WR production is wide open, and if Armstrong gets back to 2021 form, there is going to be a lot of yards to go around and KC could be his guy.
  • Robert Lewis – Shaping up to be WR1 in this offense, and while they do love to run it, getting a guy at this price is very enticing. Can play Grainger naked, but if you want to stack, Lewis or Ja’Cyais Credle would be the guys. Credle is a big 6’4″ WR and should be a great red zone threat.
  • Braylin Presley – For some reason, DK has him listed at RB, but he will be the slot in this high-powered offense and with all new receiving corps this season for Tulsa, he could step into the WR1 role. Marquis Shoulders is listed as a starter and, at min price, he could be worth the gamble.
  • Jalin Conyers – The big TE could be in line for a lot of early looks with WR1 Badger out for the first half due to a targeting call in the last game of the season in 2022 (crazy stuff).
  • Isaiah Wooden – Top dawg from last season on this team. matchup isn’t the best but for a team that should be trailing most of the game he should get some extra looks. 

Bold Predictions: 

Will be updated by 6pm Eastern.

  • Core 4: …Brennan Armstrong/Marcus Carroll/KC Concepcion/RJ Harvey
  • Top Value Play: … Kevin Concepcion/Jalin Conyers
  • Favorite GPP Play: …Braylon Braxton/Luther Burden/Keshawn King
  • Top Game Stack: …Southern Utah- ASU