Zab’s EPL Daily Fantasy Plays – 10/8/23

Zab's EPL Daily Fantasy Plays
⚽ EPL Slate – 10/8/23

We have a small slate for Sunday morning to kick off NFL Sunday. Even though it’s small, there’s a lot great matchups on this slate. It’s a great GPP slate. We have three games on DK and four games on FanDuel. FanDuel includes the Manchester City game, which we will need pieces of.

If you have any lineup questions, ask me @Zab in Discord before lock!


Scoring Notes:

  • If you are playing on FanDuel, you’re searching for the goals. Goals count for 15 points, and shots are worth one point. Shots on goal are worth five, while assists are seven.
  • For defenders, I like looking at cheap center mids who will be on the defensive. I target these players because they will rack up tackles and clearances. Occasionally will pop up with a cheap goal, also.
  • If you are playing on DraftKings, goals are worth 10 points, shots are one, and shots on goal are one. Assists are worth six points.
  • Playing on DK you want to look for set piece-takers and players that will be crossing the ball. Defenders won’t get as many points for tackles and clearances, so I’m targeting defenders who play on the outside who will move up and cross the ball in.


Brighton +220 vs. Liverpool +110

  • Game total set at 3.5 with the juice on the over
  • Great game to game stack or just get pieces of. Salah and Gross are my favorite two pieces.
Main Targets:
  • Salah (liv)
  • Nunez (liv)
  • Ferguson (bha)
  • Gross (bha)
  • March (bha)
  • Alexander Arnold (d) (liv) – Active in attack on sets.
  • Szoboszial (liv)
  • Mitoma (bha)

West Ham +255 vs. Newcastle +105

  • Game total set at 2.5 with juice on the over
Main Targets:
  • C. Wilson (new)
  • Antonio (whu)
  • Almiron (new)
  • J ward prowse (whu)
  • Isak (new)
  • Trppier (d) (new) – Takes sets and gets forward and involved in attack.
  • Aguard (d) (whu) – Cheap. Always pops up with shots.

Wolves +245 vs. Aston Villa +105

  • Game total set at 2.5 goals with the juice on the over
Main Targets:
  • Watkins (avl) 
  • Luiz (avl) 
  • Digne (d) (avl) – Takes sets and gets involved In attack.
  • Neto (wol) 
  • Hee-Chan (wol)
  • Cash (d) (avl) – Gets forward, sends crosses in. Also scores a lot of own goals.

Arsenal +200 vs. Man City +140 (FanDuel)

  • Game total set at 2.5 goals with the juice on the over
Main Targets:
  • Haaland (mci)
  • Alvarez (mci)
  • Foden (mci)
  • Doku (mci)
  • Saka (ars) – I don’t think he plays.
  • Odegaard (ars)
  • Trossard (ars)
  • Jesus (ars) – Revenge game
  • Vieira (ars) – Cheap option. Could take some sets with no Saka.
  • Zinchenko (d) (ars) – Too cheap, gets forward and will have D stats.
  • Dias (mci) – Depends where he’s at. If he’s playing where he did in UCL, I’ll be back on him.

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