Zab’s Champions League Daily Fantasy Plays – 11/29/23

Zab's Champions League DFS
Champions League Slate – 11/29/23

Champions League day 2 and expect more goals. Have a couple big favorites on the board, led by Bayern at -450 and Arsenal at -300. These two will lead the way in ownership. We will look to capitalize on a couple plays to push us to the top of the leaderboard. Initial slate thoughts, I will be paying down at defense and goalie to fit some of these massive forward options looking for goals in a slate that I believe will have a ton of them.

UPDATES: Couple small updates and guys im adding to my player pool. 

Borja (bra) d 3300

Jae (bay) (d) 3k bayern d man cheap with clean sheet upside

Kroos (rma) (m) 6700 if modric is out, Kroos will be taking all the sets.

Tengstedt (ben) (f) 4300 cheap forward who has been playing up front due to injuries

Banza (braga) (f) 4400 cheap forward possibly pops up with a goal.

Carvajal (rma) (d) 3800 – cheap d man for real madrid with upside.

Scoring Notes:

  • If you are playing on FanDuel, you’re searching for the goals. Goals count for 15 points, and shots are worth one point. Shots on goal are worth five, while assists are seven.
  • For defenders, I like looking at cheap center mids who will be on the defensive. I target these players because they will rack up tackles and clearances. Occasionally will pop up with a cheap goal, also.
  • If you are playing on DraftKings, goals are worth 10 points, shots are one, and shots on goal are one. Assists are worth six points.
  • Playing on DK you want to look for set piece-takers and players that will be crossing the ball. Defenders won’t get as many points for tackles and clearances, so I’m targeting defenders who play on the outside who will move up and cross the ball in.


Bayern Munich -450 vs. Fc Copenhagen +1000

  • Match total 3.5 with the juice at -115 on the under and -105 on the over.
  • Bay team total over 2.5 goals -135 and under 3.5 goals -255
  • FCC team total over 0.5 goal -140 and under 1.5 goals -550

Real Sociedad -205 vs. Salzburg +550

  • Match total 2.5 goals juice on the over at -135 
  • Real team total over 1.5 goals -175 and under 2.5 goals -240
  • Salz team total over 0.5 goal -155 and under 1.5 goals -500

Benifica +145 vs. Inter Milan +190

  • Match total set at 2.5 goals with the juice on the under at -115 the over is -110
  • Ben team total over 0.5 goal -425 and under 1.5 goals -170
  • Int team total over 0.5 goal -330 and under 1.5 goals -205

Arsenal -300 vs. Lens +800

  • Match total 2.5 goals with the juice on the over -150
  • Ars team total over 1.5 goals -235 and under 2.5 goals -175
  • Lens team total over 0.5 goal -120 and under 0.5 goal -110

Real Madrid -115 vs. Napoli +300

  • Match total is set at 2.5 goals with the juice on the over -145 
  • Nap team total set at over 0.5 goal -275 and under 1.5 goals -240
  • Rm team total is set at over 0.5 goal -130 and under 2.5 goals -350

Braga +110 vs. Union Berlin +235

  • Match total is set at 2.5 goals with the juice on the over -140
  • Lazio – team total is set at 1.5 goals with the juice on the under at -155
  • Fey – team total is set at 1.5 with the juice on the under -165

Main Targets:

  • Offense:
  • Harry Kane (Bay) (F) 11000 – Goal scorer on the top favorite on the slate. In great form. Very expensive.
  • Saka (Ars) (M/F) 10500 – Top option for the second biggest favorite on the slate. Does it all for Arsenal. 
  • Sane (Bay) (M/F) 10100 – Takes sets and chips in with goals, assists. Massive favorites with a huge team total. 
  • J. Bellingham (RMA) (M) 9600 – In phenomenal form. Scored in three straight UCL matches. 10 shots in those 3 matches. One of my top targets of the slate.
  • Martinelli (Ars) (M/F) 9300 – Massive favorites, I’ll want pieces of these teams. Cheaper than Saka and still has solid goal scoring odds and shots assisted/ cross upside.
  • Rodrygo (RMA) (M/F) 9200 – Great pairing him with Bellingham. Dynamic player that has scored in two straight UCL matches. Has 14 shots in 4 matches this UCL campaign. 
  • Coman (Bay) (M/F) 9000 – Way to get different off of Kane. Moving down to cheaper options to still get exposure to a huge favorite plus fit more studs. 
  •  Mendez (RSO) (M) 8300 – Returning after a one-game suspension. Goal scoring machine that I think will look to add to his total after serving his suspension. I think he looks to come back and make a statement. 
  • L. Martinez (Int) (F) 8000 – Had 10 shots four on target last time he faced SLB. I think we see more of the same this game. Had a goal this past weekend in Serie A, I think he keeps his hot streak going.
  • Kimmich (Bay) (M) 7800 – Another Bayern target with one of the safest floors on the board. He will get us 12+ points every game. He will contribute with shots assisted / crosses. Both of those stats will lead to assists. He doesn’t shoot a lot, so I wouldn’t expect a goal from him. 
  • Zielinski (Nap) (M) 6600 – 22 crosses in 4 UCL matches. Mid tier price with solid upside. Had a goal last time he faced RMA. Should be a back and forth match. 
  • Frankowski (Len) (M) 5800 – Cheaper option. They should be on the defensive, but will look to counter with swinging the ball outside and having him sending crosses in. Has 24 crosses in 4 matches. 
  • Frattesi (Int) (M) 5400 – He does it all at a cheap tag, shots/SA/crosses great low ownership to pair with Martinez.
  • Defense – I’ll be paying down so most of my targets will fall in the cheap range.
  • Gomez (Bra) 3700 – Shots/crosses/shots assisted. I’m in at this price.
  • Dedic (RBS) 3500 – Shots and crosses and cheap. Lets me get up to more offense.
  • Otamendi (SLB) 4000 – Should be a back and forth game. Last match in UCL, he had an assist, 3 shots, and 2 on goal. 
  • Alaba (RMA) (4100) – If he’s in, he gets forward and fires crosses in, which will lead to SA and assist upside. 
  • Danso (Len) 2900 – 7 shots thru 4 matches in champions league at $2900. Is worth a punt option if need be. 
  • Gradit (Len) 2900 – Another punt option, can get us there with his defensive stats. Just looking for these guys not to kill us at this price.
  • Goalie – Play whoever you want. If your lineup mainly has Bayern players. look to Samba vs. Ars or vice versa. Will give more thoughts on this tomorrow during lineup release and voice chat with Cubbable.  


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