Who Should I Draft in Fantasy Football

who should I draft fantasy football

Fantasy football draft season is in full swing. Maybe you have already done mountains of fantasy football research. Maybe you have already participated in dozens of mock drafts. Maybe you are just completely unprepared for your draft and need some help. No matter where you are on that spectrum, the information at 4deep.com will help you understand where guys are being drafted and which ones are going too early or too late. Avoiding guys being drafted too early and stealing guys that are going too late is the key to drafting a winning fantasy football roster.

Who Should I Draft in Fantasy Football?

Before we can answer who you should draft in fantasy football, we need to understand a few things. The scoring system in your league may make certain players more or less valuable. Many leagues award four fantasy points for every touchdown a QB throws. This makes signal callers that score rushing touchdowns more valuable. If the league awards six points per passing touchdown, then rushing touchdowns are less important and pocket passers get a bigger boost. This also makes quarterbacks more valuable relative to other positions, because even bad quarterbacks can throw for 20 or more touchdowns, while the best position players will struggle to reach that same level. 

Roster construction is also an important factor to consider. A league that allows a superflex spot is one where you might want to draft multiple quarterbacks. A standard fantasy football league that many play in only allows one quarterback slot per week, so drafting multiple guys at the position is not the ideal way to go. 

In PPR leagues, each reception is worth one full point. That is going to benefit players who see more targets. Certain running backs who catch a lot of passes become more valuable than other guys at the position that do not. Wide receivers overall are more valuable in these PPR leagues. Not only are they more valuable as a group, but some possession receivers that tend to rack up less touchdowns and yards may be more enticing to draft for your fantasy football team. If your league is only half PPR or a standard yardage league with no bonus for receptions, then pass catchers as a whole all need to be downgraded a little. 

Where are players being drafted in fantasy football?

The start of a successful fantasy football season relies on getting great value in your draft. I have drafted less Bijan Robinson than your average fantasy football pundit so far in 2023. I completely understand why others are so high on him. He is slated to be the lead back on a team that skews run heavy and has a great offensive line. I just do not like the idea of using a top 10 overall pick on a rookie who has other viable options like Tyler Allgeier and Cordarelle Patterson on his team. I expect Bijan to get the lion’s share, but those guys could steal 30% of the touches. If they do, Bijan as a top 10 pick leaves him no room for error. Anything short of a breakout rookie of the year type season is probably not going to be enough to justify where he is being drafted. Now if Bijan is still available at the end of the second or beginning of the third round of your draft then you absolutely want to take him there. That is what understanding where players are being drafted is about. If you can get a guy who should already be off the board, you can build dominant fantasy football teams. Be sure check out the discussion on What ADP means in fantasy football, so you can get that value. 

Once you understand the settings and rules of your league, then we can discuss who you should draft in fantasy football. 

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