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Tommy's Daily Fantasy Plays

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  • Lamar…Detroit is the #1 run D in the NFL, but that just means that the Ravens will be forced to pass more, which is what we want not only for Lamar’s passing numbers, but also rushing upside from the pocket.  I prefer Lamar over Allen by a hair only cause I have to pay up for Diggs with Allen (you can play Allen naked or with Gabe, but you will probably want to kill yourself when Diggs goes off).  I like my roster better with a naked Lamar, but I am 100% fine with pairing him with Andrews since we save thousands.
  • Josh Allen…he will not be popular this week due to the matchup against the Patriots, but he actually has eight passing TDs and only one INT in the last three meetings, which means Belichick doesn’t have his number.  He also has had 35+ rushing in three of his last five vs. them and this is a Patriots team that appears to have given up and is in tank mode.
  • Stafford…He is a great pairing with Kupp this week cause his TD variance is due to regress and we know Kupp is poppin’ for a buck and a tuddy. I am just confident I can get most of Stafford with playing Kupp alone, but I like him this week.
  • Love..I loved this spot for Love this week, until I realized he was going to be chalk.  He is chalk for a reason this week due to his price and matchup.  I think he a fantastic cash game play, but if I punt in GPPs, I may go down to the Ridder/London combo.
  • Ridder…FEEL FREE TO IGNORE THIS SINCE I AM SO BIASED I COULDN’T HELP MYSELF HERE, PLAY IT SAFE AND GO TO ONE OF THE OTHER GUYS CAUSE I DON’T WANNA BE RESPONSIBLE IF HE GETS BENCHED AT THE HALF, HAHA. You guys know I love Ridder and you know he sucks on the road, there are also rumors he will get benched (which I don’t believe cause Art has been backing him all week in interviews).  I think this brings him to literally 0.5% owned and this is a spot we can get some serious leverage if I am right.  Ridder has gone for 300+ the last two weeks and the Bucs are a pass funnel. The one thing about Ridder is that he is calm under pressure, so this should be a spot where he steps up and proves the doubters wrong (or proves me wrong).  He and Drake are $10k, total DK salary combined and they have 50-point upside if they pop.


  • KENNETH WALKER…Ekeler in a good spot, but too rich for my blood, Jacobs needs to show me something and I am all in Adams, so okay with the fade. Saquon is fine, Bijan has a terrible matchup, but his receptions prop is the way I will play that, so there is one play, and one play only, up here.  KENNETH WALKER! DON’T OVERTHINK THIS, PLAY THIS ON EVERY SITE REGARDLESS OF OWNERSHIP…this is a DREAM spot and he will be 30% owned for a reason.  I will make a lineup with two punt RBs though to differentiate, but he will be on almost every other lineup.  
  • Gibbs…if we get word that Reynolds is out, that will be enough to move me onto Gibbs in lineups.  I think he is explosive enough that he can pop a 30 if there’s no competition for carries here.  Still like him with Reynolds, but way more without.

There’s a lotttttt to love here! I like all four of these backs, which is the reason u can fade Walker on a lineup or two

  • Jerome Ford…he will come in at 20% owned in a game where he will have an amazing matchup, especially from the receiving side.  I will eat the chalk, but he becomes almost lock button if Hunt is out! Monitor this situation with Hunt ’cause if Ford is gonna see the whole receiving workload, that’s enough to make me go all in.
  • D’onta Foreman….RJ and Herbert are both out, so this is his backfield.  The gameflow should be fine since we have two backups starting on teams that aren’t that great.  We could see 20 touches from Foreman here at 9% owned and under $5k
  • Keontay Ingram….I told you guys last week on the roundtable DO NOT FUCKING PUT A SINGLE LINEUP IN WITH DEMARCADO, HE IS NOT THE MAIN BACK….and hopefully you listened (and ignored my Chuba fade).  Ingram is a guy I am SUPER HIGH on and have in every seasonal league.  Ingram will be almost completely unowned and also provides a nice 4pm late swap pivot if you are behind in tourneys!
  • Zach Evans…He will come in around 5% and most people are worried about Henderson…I am not.  Henderson hasn’t played all year and we saw Taylor, Jamaal Williams, and Kareem Hunt come back this year and see like 15% of carries in their first game, and this dude has been on a couch. Gaskins and Freeman are in the same boat.  You may see Evans steal an 80% workload in a dream matchup.  Can Freeman steal a timeshare, sure, could Henderson snag some goalline work, sure, but I am pretty sure this is Evans’ backfield this week and this makes for a nice contrarian PURE MIN PUNT (and also another late swap pivot off chalk).


  • Davante Adams…100% ALL IN!!!! HE IS GOING TO GET PEPPERED THIS WEEK AND COMING IN AT LIKE 12% OWNED!  Squeaky wheel + Super talent + Veteran backup + Great matchup = ALL IN! (and smash his over 68.5 rec prop)
  • Kupp…he’s Kupp, pay the price where u can
  • Diggs…has beaten up NE in the past and pretty much does 7/100/1 every time
  • Amon-Ra…I think he ends up under owned on this slate due to the players above
  • Amari Cooper…Dude is QB-proof, so I like him a lot in this spot with or without Watson, but obviously he gets a huge bump with Watson and is my favorite mid tier WR
  • DJ Moore…He will come in at 2% owned and I actually think any QB but Fields is an upgrade.  Don’t be afraid to play DJ, who saw 8 targets last week and will probably see 10 this week.  Bad QBs never go to their second and third read, so DJ should be locked in on and thrown to tons due to this
  • Gabe Davis…can be played solo, but makes for a premiere double stack with Allen, just a little TD-reliant for my liking, so nowhere near as good of a play as Amari, but similar to DJ
  • Drake London….How the fuck is he still $5100? THIS IS A LOCK BUTTON PLAY REGARDLESS OF HOW U THINK OF RIDDER.  If Ridder gets benched, Heinicke is fine. If the Falcons get killed, game flow will be in his favor. If Ridder balls out, u can’t run on TB, so it will have to be Drake.  He is almost bust-proof this week at $5k…go all in.
  • Sutton…Jeudy in the doghouse, Sutton is a nice contrarian play with TD upside
  • Wan’dale Robinson…We need to save money somewhere and this is my go to. They will find ways to get him involved regardless of QB or weather
  • Palmer…I won’t get there much, but he will be the popular punt this weekend, which is why I won’t get there, even though it is a good play


  • Kelce…HE HAS ABSOLUTELY FUCKING OBLITERATED THE CHARGERS!! Kelce is a flex play this week and my favorite one, cause he gives u exposure to the Chiefs game and can put up 30. LOVE HIM.
  • Laporta and Andrews are both nice plays this week, but I’m paying down cause I gotta save money.
  • Gesicki… if Henry is out, this is my guy as a contrarian pivot off chalk cheap
  • Musgrave…Going to be too chalky for me, but the best value play on the board vs. the worst TE defense
  • McBride…looks to have finally taken over the job from Ertz
  • Mayer…prob will be a little too chalky, but I like it


  • Bills…no one gonna pay the $4200, but NE is abysmal
  • Seahawks…prob gonna go up or down, but this is a good play
  • Ravens…probably my favorite punt on DK, $2500, fifth highest scoring D in the league, and I think Detroit is due for one of those “fuckin’ Lions” games now that everyone believes in them.  Plus, Goff on the road is half the man.

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