Tennis Betting Explained

Betting Types:

  • Money Line: Most popular and easiest way to bet on tennis. You simply pick the winner of the match. Does not matter how they win, just that they win.
  • Set Spread: Tennis matches are best of 3 sets, except for Men’s Grand Slam matches, those are best of 5 sets. Typically a set spread is +1.5 or -1.5, meaning the actual bet is on whether or not the underdog wins a set.
  • Game Spread: Game spreads are typically the most difficult to bet. Because of this they will typically have the better looking odds. The problem with betting game spreads is that one bad set can ruin the bet, since it is a culmination of all games played within the match.
  • Game Totals: The winner of the match is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is the total number of games played. Typically a close match will have more games than a noncompetitive match.
  • Futures: This is just betting the outright winner of a tournament either way before the tournament starts, or while it is going on. These bets offer the best return on investment, but also provide the most risk for injury, etc. Also requires money to be tied up for however long the tournament is.
  • Live Betting: By far the most profitable way to bet tennis. Essentially it is tennis day trading. The game lines change by the point, and if you are sharp and understand how the game is played, there are huge advantages in these lines. The problem is you have to be watching the live lines constantly or you are absolutely going to miss them. A tennis point on average takes about 10-20 seconds, so stepping out of the room for 5 minutes can change everything. Losing a first set creates incredible value on a pre match favorite. Point by point or game by game betting is available.
  • Props:
    • Exact scores of matches, sets and/or games
    • Total games won by a specific player, or both players
    • Whether there will be a tiebreaker or not
    • Total Aces/Double Faults/Breaks


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