Soccer Betting Explained

  • Betting Types: I will put the abbreviations that will be used in chat in ().
  • 3-Moneyline (ML): Most popular and easiest way to bet on soccer. You simply pick the desired result you want. Soccer is a low-scoring sport, so the draw is an option. 
  • 2-Moneyline (ML): Often called Draw No Bet (DNB). It takes the draw out of the equation—draw results in a voided bet and money back.
  • Match Totals (MT): You will hear this called Over/Unders (O/Us) as well. You are betting if the match goal total will go over or under a set number. Most books will use 0 and 5s for numbers. I.E 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, etc. 
  • Asian/Handicap/Point Spread: You will see spreads from -3.0 to +3.0. The photo is an example of how this betting works. It explains it way better than words could.  
  • Asian Handicap Match Totals: This type of bet breaks down even more than 0 and 5. You can bet on full, half, and quarter lines. An alternate way to take the risk out of the bet some. The photo will explain it better.
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  • Double Chance (DC): This adds insurance to the bet. You will get 3 options. Home Team/Draw, Home Team/Away Team, or Away Team/Draw. 
  • Futures: This is just betting investments in things like Golden Boot (Most goals in a league or competition), League or Tourney winners, etc; either way before the tournament starts, or while it is going on. These bets offer the best return on investment, but also provide the most risk for injury, etc. Also requires money to be tied up for however long the tournament is.
  • Props: Here is a list of some of the Props you can bet and might see me send. Know there are endless number of weird prop bets.
    • Shots on Target (SoT)
    • Shots (S)
    • Anything Time Goals scorer (AGS); Good to RR
    • First Goal Scorer (1GS)
    • 2 goals or Brace goals
    • 3 goals or hat trick
    • To Score Outside the Box [Penalty area]
    • To Score a Header
    • Anytime Assist
    • Goal or Assist; Offered on FD
    • Corners; Match total, Home or Away team
    • Corner spread; difference between home and away team in corners.
    • Cards; Some books offer individual card props. Most offer Team cards O/U for match and teams. 


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