Ranking Notes

Check out the back half of the RB and WR rankings during each of these updates. The bottom half is the toughest to sift through as their values are all relatively low, and I’m trying to find any glimmer of ceiling, especially with the RBs. In each update, the back half will be shuffled up and around, with guys moving up and down, so make sure to note that. It will be a lot more drastic with the RBs whereas most of the time the WRs will remain the same except for a few guys. At the back end of our drafts, we want CEILING and that is what you should be looking for in those final rounds. A middling WR or a strictly 3rd down back does NOT win championships. Finding gold does.


UP ⬆️

Mac Jones 4 Spots

Relatively useless move in the scheme of things moving from 32 to 29 but it is worth doing for the deep, deep leagues.

DOWN ⬇️ 



UP ⬆️

Alvin Kamara ⬆️ 2 Spots

Kamara looks like he’s in incredible shape. Once his three game suspension is up, I expect him to slide right into a great workload and offer elite production.

Deuce Vaugn ⬆️  42 Spots

Deuce is a talented player, no doubt. I had him buried in my rankings because, historically a player with his size and draft capital rarely ever contributes anything in regards to fantasy. I’m now willing to take a late-round flier on Vaughn in the hopes he gets 10-12 carries and can be a bye-week replacement level play, possibly a week fill-in handcuff if Pollard were to miss some time.


NOTE: I flipped Akers and Pierce again. I find myself taking Pierce over Akers consistently since I can get Akers a round later.

DOWN ⬇️ 

Breece Hall ⬇️ 5 Spots

I tried to hold out on Breece, but it would be negligent to keep him this high. I’m still above market, and I really like Breece, but you can easily get him in the 4th round now. 

Jonathan Taylor ⬇️ 5 Spots

This holdout is getting worse and worse. Both sides are dug in. I was below market before this holdout and the market has caught up. I’m moving him down below backs which I view as a more sure thing. I’m not taking the risk on JT in the first 30 picks, given his limited upside.

Miles Sanders ⬇️ 5 Spots

I’m becoming less and less convinced by the passing days that Miles is going to see the workload that Frank Reich has promised. Mix that with his inability to stay healthy, and I’m souring on Miles.

Dalvin Cook ⬇️ 7 Spots

Dalvin Cook is going to get work, and I expect him to score 6-8 TDs, but he is unlikely to get a ton of air work and will be nothing more than a RB3/FLEX at this point. I was hoping he would sign in Miami, but he ended up in NY, spelling Breece Hall.

Rashaad Penny ⬇️ 9 Spots

As the market shifted, Penny was sitting over ADP in my rankings. I am not under the market, and I’m just avoiding this situation altogether with the Eagles backfield.

Elijah Mitchell ⬇️ 20 Spots

They’re some serious concerns out of the 49ers camp that they have grown tired of Mitchell’s inability to stay on the field. Coupled with TDP and Mason playing well in camp, Mitchell could organically be leaped in the depth chart and cannot be relied upon as a handcuff to CMC.

Michael Carter ⬇️ 28 Spots

Carter is now undraftable with Cook in front of him.


UP ⬆️

Zay Flowers ⬆️ 3 Spots

Zay is impressing nearly every day in camp. He looks like the real deal and will be integrated immediately into the now-pass heavier offense. 

DOWN ⬇️ 

Treylon Burks ⬇️ 12 Spots

This is purely injury related. I’d still love to get Burks, but this bumps him down an entire tier for me.


UP ⬆️

Luke Musgrave ⬆️ 20 Spots

I bury rookie TEs by default until proven otherwise. Musgrave keeps gaining steam, and this train doesn’t seem to be stopping. He is now draftable in deeper TE leagues and will likely be a Waiver Wire regular this year.

DOWN ⬇️ 

Trey McBride ⬇️ 7 Spots

Zach Ertz is back and expected to be activated for Week 1. I’m out.