Golf Betting Explained

Outright Winner: This is a straightforward bet on which player will win the tournament. 

Each-Way Bet: In an each-way bet, you wager on a player to either win or finish in one of the predetermined top places, usually up to five or six places, depending on the sportsbook. 

Match/matchup Bet: This involves betting on the outcome of a head-to-head matchup between two players. You predict which of the two players will have the better score for a specific round or the entire tournament. 

Three-Ball Bet: Here, you bet on which player out of a group of three will have the best score in a particular round. This is the same for two-ball bets, just one less person in the group. 

Top Nationality: This bet focuses on predicting which golfer from a particular country will have the best finish among all players from that nation. 

Top Ten Finish: You wager on a player to finish in the top ten positions in the tournament. Same thing with top 20, 30, 40 placement bets. 

Hole-in-One Bet: This bet involves predicting whether a player will score a hole-in-one during a tournament or a specific round. 

Dead heat- betting rules in golf, including PGA events, are used to determine the outcome when two or more participants finish with the same score. In a dead heat, the tied competitors cannot be separated based on their final result alone. Instead, specific rules are applied to calculate the payout for the bet. 

When a dead heat occurs, the stake (the amount of money you bet) is divided equally among the tied competitors. The odds for each participant are then multiplied by the divided stake to determine the payout. For example, if two golfers tie for first place and you placed a $10 bet on each of them at odds of 5:1, the payout would be calculated as follows: 

Stake: $10 (divided equally between the tied competitors) 

Odds: 5:1 

Payout for each golfer: $10 x 5 = $50 

Total payout for both golfers: $50 + $50 = $100 

So, in this scenario, you would receive a total payout of $100 for your $20 bet. 

It’s important to note that dead heat rules may vary depending on the sportsbook or bookmaker you use. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to review the specific rules and terms of your chosen betting provider to understand how dead heats are handled in golf or any other sport. MGM is the best legal book for dead heat rules.


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