Getting Started With DFS

1. Understanding DFS

In traditional fantasy sports games, players compete against one another by assembling or selecting a team of professional athletes from a specific league or competition while staying within a salary cap, and earning points based on the player’s actual statistical performance in real-world competitions. DFS is a shortened version of traditional fantasy sports that is played over short time periods, such as a week or a single day.

2. Getting Started

– Find and sign up for a daily fantasy sports betting site we have some great recommendations under our affiliate tab for getting started with some freebees to get you going.

– Make a real money deposit (pay attention to any bonuses you may be eligible for as shown in our affiliates tab).

– Pick your sport and game mode, and draft your fantasy sports team with help from our brilliant staff once you have signed up.

– Enter a daily fantasy contest using money you have previously deposited.

3. Tips for Beginners
Here are some tips for beginners:

– Start out small: Start playing the low buy-in contests and build your way up. Facing the weaker competition in the low buy-in contests will help you build confidence and perform better in the future.

– Take advantage of bonuses and offers tailored to new players.

– Stay within the salary cap when creating your line-up.

– Change any player up until the match starts.

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