Counter Strike: Global Offensive 101

Introduction to Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)


  • The Beginning of each round is a “Buying Phase” that lasts 20 seconds.
  • First Team to win 16 rounds wins the game.
  • Rounds:
    • CS:GO is broken down into two halves of 15 rounds.
    • Each round is 1 minute and 55 seconds long.
  • Overtime:
    • If both teams are tied after 30 rounds, and neither team has won 16 rounds, the game will go into overtime.
    • Overtime is a best of 6, so the first team to 19 rounds will win the game. If the teams are tied it will go into a second overtime.
    • There is no limit to how many overtimes can happen.
  • Pauses:
    • Technical Pauses: A Technical pause is when something is going wrong with one or more of the players’ computers or peripherals. A pause will be initiated until the problem is fixed and the player can play uninterrupted.
    • Tactical Pauses: Each team gets 4 timeouts, also known as “tactical pause”, per map for 30 seconds per pause.


  • Each team consists of 5 starting players that play throughout all maps.
  • Terrorists vs Counter-Terrorists:
    • Each team is playing on separate sides, known as Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists.
  • Terrorists: 
    • The Job of the terrorists (T-side)  is to plant the bomb on one of two bomb-sites (marked A or B on the map).
  • Counter Terrorists:
    • The job of the counter-terrorists (CT-side) is to defend the bomb-sites from a bomb being planted. If the bomb is planted their job is to defuse that bomb.
  • Bombs:
    • A bomb takes 40 seconds until it explodes.
  • Elimination:
    • Both teams can also win the round by eliminating all of the players on the other team.
  • Economy: 
    • Each team has an economy of their own, and must buy their guns every round if they die.
    • Players are rewarded with the following amounts of money:
      • Player by Player:
        • Knife Kill: $1500
        • Pistol Kill: $300
        • SMG Kill: $600
        • Shotgun Kill: $900
        • Rifle Kill: $300
        • Sniper Kill: $100
        • Bomb Plant(T): $300
        • Bomb Defuse(CT): $300
      • Split between the Team:
        • Killing all enemies: $3250
        • Time runs out (CT): $3250
        • Defuse bomb (CT): $3500
        • Bomb Explodes (T): $3500
        • Bomb planted but defused (T): Loss Bonus + $800
    • Consecutive round losses result in the losing team gaining more and more money after each round:
      • 1 loss: $1400
      • 2 losses: $1900
      • 3 losses: $2400
      • 4 losses: $2900
      • 5 losses: $3400
    • If a team cannot afford weapons, sometimes this will result in one team having guns and the other only using pistols; this is known as an “Eco round”.
  • Hacks and Glitches:
    • The use of hacks will result in a ban of the player and will either result in a loss for the player’s team or they will be forced to replay the map with another player.
    • Glitching is at the discretion of the administrators on-site. Some glitches will be punished and the team will be forced to replay the map, while others slip by and are allowed. This usually depends on how bad the glitch was, whether it was intentional, and whether they believe that the glitch effected the outcome of the match.

Visual Layout:

  • At the top of the screen you will see both Team names listed, with how many rounds they have won. In the middle of that it will show what round they are on and the time remaining in the round.
  • In the Bottom left and bottom right you will see each player’s name listed, along with how many kills, deaths, and assists that they have. You will also see an outline of which gun each player has.
  • In the middle of the screen at the bottom it will show the name of the player that they are currently watching, along with his stats and possibly a photo of the player.
  • The team that is Blue will always be the Counter-Terrorists and the team that is red/orange will always be the Terrorists.


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