ABER’s MLB Daily Fantasy Plays – 9/27/23

ABER's MLB Daily Fantasy Plays

What’s up, 4Deep?! Baseball is here and I’m ready to put us in the driver’s seat to hopefully take down some tournaments this year! First and foremost, baseball is the only sport that I consistently play multiple lineups. I HIGHLY recommend at least playing two lineups. Fading chalk in baseball is usually the key to taking down tournaments, but is not always the correct move. What I will be providing below is an in-depth breakdown of my top stacks of the night and I will always start with what I believe will be the chalk, followed with my favorite pitchers as well. Generally speaking, chalk is usually chalk because they are in a good spot and I will be telling you whether or not I agree with it. What I want though, is for you to understand what is chalk and then determine whether or not you want to play them! Now, let’s get to the fun part with a lot of numbers and all the pitch data you can handle! 

Chalk Stack Of The Day

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Noah Davis (RH)

What am I supposed to say? The Dodgers in Coors against Noah Davis is a bad play? He’s probably getting crushed tonight and chalk looks great. You know the risk if you fade them, but I will likely have some exposure here with my value pitcher of the night. My favorites in order are the best hitters, but they are expensive, so stack them anyway you can. Freddie Freeman would be at the top of the list.

Top Stacks Of The Day

San Diego Padres vs. Sean Manaea (LH)

I’m not going to get into this as much as I got into it yesterday because it’s just the same thing all over again. If you want the data, you can check out my Twitter they have been against left handed pitching. My favorite players are going to be dependent on the lineup they put out after the shenanigans they pulled yesterday. But, without confirmation yet, my favorite players in order are Manny Machado, Luis Campusano, Fernando Tatis, and Juan Soto.

Minnesota Twins vs. Joey Estes (RH)

Estes has one Major League game under his belt and it was not pretty. Furthermore, he got crushed in AAA as well, and he does not miss bats at all while also being a flyball pitcher. Does it get any better? All of the Twins are on red alert tonight. My favorites in order are Matt Wallner, Edouard Julien, Max Kepler, and Jorge Polanco, but this lineup 1-9 is in play.

Top Spend Up Pitcher Of The Day

Framber Valdez (LH) vs. Seattle Mariners

I’m taking a bold stance here on Framber, with Pablo leading the way as chalk tonight, despite how great Pablo looks. I’m going to take the savings here and an absurd ownership difference when both of the guys have similar ceilings. The Mariners have fallen off lately and continue to strike out a lot. Also, the Astros are still needing as many wins as they can get to make the playoffs.

Top Mid Tier Pitcher Of The Day

Dane Dunning (RH) vs. Los Angeles Angels

The Angels continue to be an abomination on offense, and as I said weeks ago, we will target them every day until the season ends. Over the last 30 days, they have a league leading 29.4% K rate against right handed hitting and they’re, statistically speaking, one of the worst offenses in every major category. Dunning is my favorite per dollar play of the entire slate with the safest floor. He will come through with some ownership, but the heavy amount on Pablo gives me no concern for anyone else. He should also be comfortably in line for the win tonight.

Top Value Pitcher Of The Day

Matt Waldron (RH) vs. San Francisco Giants

I’m not sure I ever thought Waldron would make it into my article before the year concluded, but here we are. Despite Dunning being my favorite per dollar play, I am most intrigued by Waldron at this price tag because it allows you to get all the bats you want. The issue I have is that he’s just not very good and the floor is extremely low. I would not be surprised if he went out there and got crushed for an early exit, but I would not be surprised if he cruised against this Giants team that has nothing to play for. The most interesting part is that he’s a knuckleball guy and over the last three years the Giants have seen a total of 15 right handed knuckleballs and have zero hits. As we all know, I’m a very big pitch data guy and when your entire lineup has not really seen a knuckleball at all, it could easily become extremely difficult to hit, which raises the ceiling for Waldron. I also love this Padres offense tonight, which should put him in line for the win if he can pitch deep enough.

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